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TPF logo Design Amira Sonbol.

Photos Credit Fame Hassan, Robin Eickhoff and Patrick Pleul 

Tent Pegging Germany.

History of Tent Pegging

Tent Pegging is a cavalry sport of ancient origin, Cavaliers have practiced the specific game of Tent Pegging since at least the 4th century BC.​​

The term "Tent Pegging" is certainly related to the idea that cavaliers mounting a surprise pre-dawn raid on an enemy camp could use the game's skills to uproot tent pegs, thus collapsing the tents, However, there are few reliable accounts of a cavalry squadron ever employing such tactics.

Because the specific game of Tent Pegging is the most popular equestrian skill-at-arms game, the entire class of sports became known as Tent Pegging during the twilight of cavalry in the twentieth century.